About Paperwrk

Becoming a contractor gives you new freedom, and changes everything you do. We’ll make it easy.

Powerful tools at your fingertips

Sign up today and get a host of integrated functionality around the management of multiple clients, multiple jobs and the billing and accounting process.

As a contractor, you have to find your own work – and that creates paperwork, too. Invoices, timesheets, VAT returns, payroll – they all take time when you could be earning money, not to mention the risk of missing deadlines, and invoices for clients that fall through the gaps.

PAPERWRK provides the tools to connect Contractors, Agencies and Employers in direct partnership, while also supporting their individual needs.

For example: PAPERWRK holds all of the necessary legal documents for a contractor on file, so that no time is wasted in getting contracts signed at the start of a job. Safe & Secure.

With this powerful support to your partnership, you can build your PAPERWRK product with your business as it grows, and invest in more PAPERWRK functions as you need them.

Need to know when to add VAT to an invoice? No problem! PAPERWRK will let you know through instant email alerts and notifications.

With our Instant Pay finance factoring service, you can instantly pay your freelance and contract staff so no need to worry about cash-flow.

We are Neil Wooding and Denise Pope, and
Paperwrk was born out of our combined years
of experience in the world of contracting and
agency work.

We realised that while there are lots of CRM or
Timesheet systems out there, nothing offers the
across-the-board access and support that
Paperwrk does.

We’ve been there, so we know where you’re
coming from.

We see that the world is changing

Many people seek a new freedom of work to fit their lifestyle. They are choosing contracting as a way of gaining flexibility and balancing work with family and other pursuits.

In the growing gig economy, time is the true measure of value and PAPERWRK answers that need. We believe that life is to be enjoyed and cherished with loved ones and friends. Our aim is to enable people to get on with the work they love, whilst we take some of the burden away!

PAPERWRK already has lots of tools and in-built prompts to make the contractor and agency user’s life easier. In time, we’ll be offering even more resources to enable peer sharing (contract tips & ideas) in a spirit of community – recognising that many freelancers and self-employed people work from home.

As an organisation we reflect by the Design and Agile backgrounds of the two founders and operate in a very open, creative and empowered way.

Neil is deeply influenced by disruptor innovators and pioneering organisations like Spotify and St. Luke’s creative agency. So we are consciously building a culture at PAPERWRK that allows us to operate in an inclusive, high-trust and very collaborative way.

We believe in humanising the workplace and building lasting relationships.