Paperwrk. Your trusted partner for the gig economy

Contractors, Agencies and Employers – we do the admin for you, so you can ditch the spreadsheets, and get on with doing what you do best.

In 2018, the world works differently.

Gig economy, temping, zero hours contracts, sole traders: it’s flexible, but it comes with a huge admin burden.


4.8m British freelancers working across all sectors (15.1% of UK workforce) who lose, on average, 20 days a year chasing invoices or processing admin.


Fixed term contracts and projects – over 50% of business roles are now temporary. It’s flexible, but there’s a lot more to manage.


Zero Hour Contracts are changing the face of global employment with 32% of workers having more than 1 gig.


GDPR, data storage, data access, revoking permissions – new legal compliance, that takes time and money to administrate.

Paperwrk reduces the admin burden for everyone, from agencies to employers – and especially for freelancers. It’s designed to make everything easy.

One Simple Platform for All

PAPERWRK combines loads of brilliant tools into a single service for Freelancers to help manage the relationship with an Agency or your Clients, enabling you to save time and money

If you’re self-employed, we have the
right service for you – supporting
your back office needs, and helping
you do what you do best!

For Agencies or Start-ups, we
reduce the admin around on-
boarding and timesheets processing
for your Contractors & Clients

As a Client, you need to approve
timesheets or manage freelancers
directly. PAPERWRK provides.

Timesheets are processed in an instant

With our Digital Timesheet & Invoice creation service, you no longer need to process a Timesheet manually.

Contractors complete an online calendar timesheet and we do the rest.

We send out email alerts & notifications for approving pending Timesheets.

Clients can query Timesheets and we alert you (and the Agent) if this happens.

We create a self-bill Invoice or Remittance Advice for your records automatically.


Registration and set up with a very simple process, and I was surprised at how fast it took. Within 5 minutes we had our basic Account configured, and it only took a few clicks to get the Consultants on the platform. We ran a pilot with PAPERWRK with a live customer in November 2017, and we were happy with the results. We fed back some comments to the team, and they’ve been very efficient in adding these features to the platform.



We’ll make this easy

GDPR? We’ve got you covered

Privacy of digital data is important. Paperwrk stores a contractors’ important documents such as your VAT Certificate or Insurance certificates in our Document Vault. Add 2-Factor Security to your account for added peace-of-mind when logging in.

Safe. Secure. Sorted.


Over the years, I have worked with many contractors. One of the main problems I encountered was the level of documentation and paperwork that is needed for each client and the time it took to ensure that all of the necessary information was in place before a contract could be signed. PAPERWRK removes this delay for everyone involved.



We’ll make this easy