PAPERWRK to showcase freelance photography talent on its homepage

Posted by: PAPERWRK
17th May 2018

Artists and Freelancer Photographers can now submit their work to be displayed to all users of the Paperwrk service.

From mid-May 2018, Paperwrk is offering any freelance designers, artists or photographers the chance to submit samples of their work to be showcased on its portal homepage when users register or login. Photo’s will be randomly displayed to visitors and enable new talent to get greater exposure.

“This is such as cool way for me to show off my work,” says  Christy Behie Guertin, an amateur photographer from Ontario in Canada.

Artists and Photographers like Christy can submit their work directly to the team at Paperwrk by email, Google Drive or DropBox or simply by sharing their portfolio accounts. The photos are added every two weeks’ to the service and will randomly appear for each new visitor to the portal.

“Paperwrk is the service for contractors and recruiters. We wanted the chance for upcoming artists and new talent to showcase their work through our portal and this seems to be the simplest way. The images are seen by other freelancers, as well as Agencies and employers so its a fantastic opportunity to help new talent find work.” said Neil Wooding, CEO of PAPERWRK. “We’ll be adding new artwork each month on a regular basis, and this allows freelancers to use our portal to get more exposure for their work.”