Information at your fingertips

We enable all parties to work seamlessly in one single platform. We’ve streamlined the workflow and made engagement a thing of beauty. No more spreadsheets. Just PAPERWRK.

Automate your contractor and client processes

We know what you’re up against. There’s more competition every day, and everyone is being squeezed on their margins; so time and resources are more precious than ever.


We see great appeal in PAPERWRK as a service for our organisation. One of the frustrations we faced with over 400 contractors working for our clients was processing timesheets each month. We recently hired a staff member to perform that one task – a task PAPERWRK provides as part of its core service! Needless to say, PAPERWRK now supports our needs with efficiency.



We’ll make this easy

Factor this…

We also provide full factoring of invoices on your behalf. When you manage a large number of different types of external talent – making sure everyone gets paid is a big hassle! We make it easy to pay your contract workforce as soon as the Timesheet is approved. We keep track of the work they’ve done and you get it all on one consolidated invoice. Available on our GOLD Plan, PAPERWRK is your partner helping maintain your cash flow.

Paperwrk gives you a single, online portal for all of your contractor and client information. Choose from the functions, and build your own service:

We have designed Paperwrk specifically for agencies, to save you hundreds of admin hours every year – so that you can get on with placing your talented contractors in the right vacancies.

  • Manage contractors and PAYE temps
  • Each profile stored with own onboarding documents
  • Factoring finance – pay contractors immediately
  • CRM & Payment platform integrations
  • Branded invoice generation
  • Customised access for your team members
  • Reports and Dashboards at your fingertips


We ensure that there is a recorded log of all sign-off stages for a contract. You’re able to track the paper-trail for each contractor or freelancer, and ensure that the right Line Manager is approving the right timesheet. View – at a glance – the current cash-flow or burn-down of work for a key client, and see what commission you are earning.

Plus, if you’re just starting out, we can help you with setting up legal agreements, templates and payment frameworks. No set up fees – just a flat fee for each active user on the platform.