We get it – we’ve been contractors too

If you’re just starting out, it’s a daunting prospect. What do you need to include on an invoice? How much should you set aside for VAT? Income tax? National Insurance?


Why waste your precious time each year in managing your admin and finances?

PAPERWRK is freedom. PAPERWRK is simplicity.

There’s the time it takes; on average, 30 hours a year to process all your freelance admin. Time you could be using for finding new clients, developing your portfolio, or just enjoying life.

In 2017, freelancers spent over 20 days a year just creating and chasing invoices. There now is a better solution.

Paperwrk takes care of all of this, and more. And because we’ve designed it to be flexible, you can build your own service from the bits you want to use:

  • Timesheets as a calendar – no more forms
  • Automatic timesheet calculations
  • Instant data reports
  • Tax and NI calculation
  • Integrates with bookkeeping software
  • Allow others to see and book your time
  • Branded invoice generation


Make admin work for you.


Thinks freelancing promotes a good work-life balance


Assignments lasting 12 weeks or more


Students looking at a freelance career after graduation